First Time In Rome? Check these places out and you are sorted.

Rome, the city of colosseum is known for the Italian ruins, delicious food, and beauty to die for. Even though I have been to so many historic places in Italy, Rome is one of the most diverse ones and definitely one of my favorite.

If you are reading this then either you are planning a trip to Rome or you want to know more about it. in that case, let me take you on a virtual tour to one of the most beautiful Italian ancient cities.

1. Piazza Venezia

One of the busiest squares in Rome. As soon as you step into the square, the first thing that you see is the gigantic marble castle known as Victoriano. This museum is not only beautiful on the inside but also offers a stunning view of the city.

2. Spanish Steps

Rome is a city full of picturesque places and history. Spanish steps are one of them for sure. Don’t get confused by the name, it was not actually made by Spanish but by a French diplomat by the name of Etienne Gueffier. The best thing to do is chill on the steps and enjoy the view and later visit the Trinita del Monti church on the top.

3.Pyramid of Cestius

Want to have a feel of EGYPT in Rome? then this place is a must-visit. The Pyramid of Cestius was built between 18 and 12 BC by a Roman king under the sway of all things Roman. This was built as a Tomb for the king. The history of Rome has changed a lot since then and now it stands in the middle of the busy traffic square.

4. Roman Forum

Being in Rome and not shaking hands with history is a total waste and that definitely includes a visit to the Roman forum. You can get a first-hand look at all the ancient ruins and the fragments of architecture that were left behind. The archaeologists always find something which creates history, just like in 2009 when they found food scraps and pottery remains that were from 8th or 9th BC which is more than a century before the experts thought Rome was founded. Interesting right?

5. Piazza Del Popolo

A perfect place to enjoy with your friend, with some gelato and a beautiful square. Piazza del Popolo is a big square in Rome literally called a people’s square. This was like the gate to enter Rome during Roman times and is filled with people enjoying the sun and having fun.

6. colosseum

I don’t I even have to say to see Colosseum because it’s the wonder of the world and definitely worth every penny and hype. It is also known as the Flavian Amphitheater – with 100 days of different games, wild animal fights. Even if two-thirds of this iconic building is destroyed over the period of time, it still stands tall and remains one of the most tourist destinations.

7. Piazza Novona

This is one of the biggest and beautiful piazzas of Rome with three fountains and a baroque church that provides a perfect backdrop. There are many authentic restaurants in that area where you can enjoy your evening with some live music and a beautiful view.

8.Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese is one of the most popular parks in Rome. It is located on the pincian hill near the Spanish steps and Piazza del Popolo. it’s a perfect place to have a picnic with some wine and olives.

9. Trevi Fountain

Make a Wish …

No journey is complete without seeing this massive fountain in the center of Rome. I always had my doubts about how much money gets collected each day and what is done with that money and I recently got my answers πŸ˜€

When the fountain is open, roughly €3,000 is thrown into it every day as people follow the tradition of throwing coins over their shoulders. The legend holds that a coin thrown into the fountain will ensure a return to Rome. This tradition also dates back to the ancient Romans who often threw coins in water to make the gods of water favor their journey or help them get back home safely. (Throw in a second coin if you’re seeking love – even a third for wedding bells!) .


(How many will you throw?)πŸ˜…πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

10. Pantheon

The Roman Pantheon is the most preserved and influential building of #ancientrome, It is a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan Rome which is now a church.

It’s one of the most beautiful buildings and one of the oldest in Rome.

11.Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel, the official residence of the pope, in Vatican City. Originally known as the Cappella Magna (‘Great Chapel’), the chapel takes its name from Pope Sixtus lV.

The fame of the Sistine Chapel lies mainly in the frescos that decorate the interior, most particularly the Sistine Chapel ceiling and The Last Judgment by Michelangelo.

12. Castel Sant’Angelo

The castle now a Museum was initially commissioned by Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family and then it was later used by popes as a fortress. Can you imagine this castle was once the tallest building in Rome? 

13. Vatican Museum

Vatican museum is a collection of public art and sculpture in the smallest country in the world. The work displayed is centuries old and includes several most renowned Roman sculptures and the most important piece of Renaissance Art in the world. 

14. Saint Peter’s Square

St Peters Basilica in Vatican City was one of the largest churches ever built until recently and it still remains one of the holiest places. The basilica was built over the tomb of saint peter who was also the first-ever pope. 

The view from the top of the basilica is so beautiful and you can see the view of Peter’s square with Rome blending together. It takes 551 stairs to reach the top. (8 euros without elevator, 10 euros with elevator).

15. Terrazza Del Pincio

If you are looking for a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Rome this place is perfect. 

16. The Castel sant Angelo Bridge

A perfect place to enjoy Vatican city with a different perspective. The sound of the Tiber river flowing below and the view of people kayaking or enjoying the boat rides are just a cherry on the cake.

17.MAXXI Museum

This is a National Museum of contemporary art and architecture in Rome. The museum was designed by Zaha Hadid and have won the prize of the royal institute of British architects in 2010. If you are someone who loves architecture and has a love for art then don’t miss this place, you will see a different side of Rome.

18.Fori Imperiali

Imperial fora are the series of monumental squares made between 46 BC and 113 AD. This place is not a part of the Roman Forum but is very close to it. it is located between Piazza Venezia and Colosseum. 

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