Goa’s Haunted Church And The Tale Of Three Kings.

On the top of a hill called Cuelim, in Cansaulim resides alone church built-in 1599 by Fr. Goncalo Carvalho, With stories and legends that will shock you. With Goa being filled with a million exciting stories and legends, One such urban legend involves the 3 Kings Chapel. It’s said that this place has the presence of the king’s ghost… Keep on reading if you want to know more.

What’s the story?

Years ago there were Three Kings, All longing for power and position. One of them (King Holger Alvunger) poisoned the other two Kings after calling them for dinner at his place. But things didn’t go as he planned. The supporters of the Dead became Furious and gathered to kill The Wicked man Holger.

The king was left with no choice and he too accepted the fate by taking poison and finishing himself. Locals buried all the three-body on the church land.

Should you visit or not?

Since then, There have been many claims about mysterious paranormal experiences. Late in the evenings, People who were walking near the church have experienced some kind of pull towards it. It has not harmed anyone but many have experienced it.

If you want to experience this site for yourself, I would suggest that you go here before 6 pm. No one is allowed once it gets dark and if you are planning to visit this place from north Goa, Then keep some time on your hand as it can be a long drive.

The Three Kings Chapel in Goa has for ages have been popular for being one of the most haunted spots in Goa and India too. Very few travelers know about it as it’s in South Goa.

One of my friends suggested this place and told me the story and I was so happy to see this church in person. It’s located on the top of the mountain, Isolated and with the best view.

So will you visit this place?

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