These places will take you on a romantic journey around Italy.

Italy is as beautiful as it is diverse. Spectacular mountains of dolomites, pristine lakes, lush vineyards covered hills , historical monuments and architecture.

Are you a sucker for romantic locations just like I am? Someone who wants to sing Bollywood songs on a gondola or echo your loved once name on the top of the mountain? Then this list is for you. Fulfill all your wishes with these locations.


We all know that Venice is one of the most touristic locations in the world and there is a valid reason for that, this place is unique and beautiful. One of the best places to be with your partner, holding hands and walking around the lanes around piazza san Marco.

Watching a perfect sunset near doge’s palace and then enjoying a perfect date with live music in a small authentic Italian restaurant.


Burano is in the list for top 10 most colourful places in the world and being there is a totally different feeling.

imagine you are sitting near a small canal between the colourful houses, sipping coffee and croissant with your love in the front, isn’t it romantic? (i am a Bollywood fan..)


Alberobello is a small town in Italy’s Puglia region. It’s known for it’s Trulli, whitewashed stone huts with a conical roof😍 . A romantic Bollywood song was also shot here … can you guess the song??

Its ‘Khuda Jaana’ from the movie ‘Bachna ae Haseeno’.I hope you are sold by now about the place. It’s quite an interesting place, and therefore it’s a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lago di Braies

Now it’s time for my most favorite and most romantic place on the planet earth. Some people like beaches when it come to romantic place but I am a mountain person and if you are anything like me, Dolomites is your place. Lago di Braies is a beautiful lake in the dolomite region of Italy. If you visit this place in summer it’s lust green with most blue water and looks like a perfect postcard and if you visit in winter when it will be a white wonderland. Anyway, it’s the perfect destination for love.


Have you ever been to someplace where you thought that you traveled back in time for about 100 years?

Europe is known for its ancient Romantic towns and

PERUGIA is one of those places. The small and beautiful lanes, snug Italian cafes, and authentic Italian food with a glass of red wine. Staying in a place situated on a hilltop with an Italian feel and perfect good morning view.

Civita di bagnoregio

Civita is located on a hill which is surrounded by the Valley of Badlands. it’s one of the most beautiful small towns in Italy with only 16 residents left. Can you imagine that?

But this place is perfect for a romantic weekend stay and enjoying ricotta gelato or italian wine in front of the piazza.

Cinque Terre

I have kept my best for the last, Cinque Terre is a string of centuries-old villages on the Italian coastline. You can see the colorful houses and vineyard between the 5 villages. the restaurants here are on the edge with the most romantic view of the sea, colorful houses, some champagne, and seafood pasta. A perfect romantic place.


Have you heard of Stendal syndrome? that supposed illness that causes us to grow faint at the sight of great beauty. it also goes by the name ‘Florence syndrome’ as it was first coined there because the visitors were lost in the beauty of this Tuscan city.

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