This isolated stay in AULI will blow your mind.

UTTARAKHAND is known for its beautiful mountains and picturesque landscapes . do you know why is it call ‘Dev bhoomi’? because of the history and the mythical stories attached to it.

we stayed in this beautiful Eco Lodge in Auli which is situated in an isolated area as compared to all other hotel chains here. i stayed here for 2 nights and this place was also our second last stop on our Uttarakhand road trip.


Himalayan eco lodge Auli (their website)

I wont say this place is very cheap but if you are there for a relaxing getaway, then this is your place . i went there during off season and so got a really good discount and there was only one other group except can check out their website for more details.(link is provided above)

we started from Rishikesh at around 8.30 am and reached Auli near about 8 pm,it took almost 12 hr to for 260 km. so if you are taking the same route ,be sure you keep some extra time in your hand as in the mountains you don’t know what will come in front of you. we were stuck because of some construction that were going on and of course some landslides too.

Auli Laga Joshimath

But once you are here you will forget everything, The view from this place is awesome and surely you will be lost in the view.

when we reached there i was really skeptical about the place because there was no other house or anything nearby , it was isolated and only one guy was there at the reception taking care of everything .

later that night i asked him about why is he alone here and he said its just because its the off season and not many people come here but during Jan-march its generally full and he has more people there to help.

Perks of choosing this place :

*cable car from Joshimath to the ski slopes of Auli is more close as the other hotels are at the top and its a bit far from joshimath main market.

*Bonfire and light music .

*No problem of electricity and heaters for the super cold weather.

*Hot multi-cuisine meals served(we ordered some pahadi chicken and roti and i must say we loved the hot served food in the super cold weather and of course bonfire).

The rooms here are really cozy and getting up early for some beautiful sunrise view is all you need with hot cup of tea.

They also have the facility of treks but as i went there with my family that was not in our plan.

There are lot of places that can be easily reached from here like :


^valley of flowers


There are many trekking locations easily accessible too like:

^kuari pass

^Roopkund trek

So lets just sit back and relax here after this pandemic is over as we all will need some mountain time. This place is ideal for all kind of travelers. 


View from the stay

Beautiful auli


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