Top 7 Most Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable Travel Locations In The World

Sustainable tourism is quite a topic to talk about these days. The aim of Sustainable tourism is to increase the benefits and experience of the tourists with less negative impact caused by tourism on the destination.

More and more destinations are taking one step closer to sustainable tourism each day. Here are top 5 destinations that have been an inspiration to the other destinations to adapt the conceptof responsible travel.

  1. Finland

Finland is one of the best sustainable tourism destinations because it actively develops and promotes sustainable tourism. A Visit to Finland awards the Finland Sustainable Travel Label to destinations and companies that meet their sustainability standards, making it easy to plan your trip in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Finland tourism believes in these three aspects- Think climate and nature, Have respect for Heritage and Buy and support local.

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  1. Switzerland

Being one of the most beautiful destinations,Switzerland is constantly introducing new eco-friendly innovations, which is why it is one of the most sustainable travel destinations in the world. The Switzerland tourism board is introducing biking tours and wildlife experiences to reduce the carbon footprint and maintain the beauty this place has to offer.

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  1. Iceland

Consistently ranked first in the world for sustainable tourism in the Global Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, Iceland continues to reduce emissions, use renewable energy and improve water quality.

Being one of the most unique and beautiful destinations in the world is gaining more and more awareness around the world, increasing in Tourism. 

Landvernd – The environmental association of Iceland was formed in 1969 to preserve the unique environment of Iceland. 

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  1. Ecuador

Ecuador was also one of the first countries to recognize natural rights in its constitution, which is why it often makes lists of sustainable tourism destinations. At the World Travel Awards, Ecuador is regularly recognized as the world’s leading green destination. 

The government has taken many steps like less emission trains through the volcanos and biking trails around the country for the nature lovers.

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  1. Costa Rica

With 12 major ecosystems, 5% of the world’s biodiversity, a warm and welcoming culture, and a wide selection of eco-homes, Costa Rica is a must-see destination for any eco-conscious traveler.The country uses 99.2% renewable energy, 78% from hydroelectric and 18% from geothermal.

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  1. Palau

The tropical island of Palau relies on ecotourism to support the local economy and protect the natural environment and marine life that make this place so special. While Palau is a fairly remote destination for travelers from the US and Europe, it’s a great option for travelers from Australia and New Zealand.

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  1. Bhutan

Tourism industry is the second second largest revenue earner in Bhutan and they have been taking some steps towards sustainable tourism each day. 

Travel can be a positive force in many ways, so start your eco-friendly journey with one of these dynamic destinations that contribute to sustainability; from hotels looking to reduce energy consumption, to helping local communities and cutting edge tours and activities where wildlife thrives. 

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There are other destinations around the world that are setting ambitious goals to make their countries in general and tourism in particular more sustainable. Fortunately, several tourism hotspots are still taking effective measures to protect natural resources, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promote sustainable development through innovative green tourism models.

After all, advocating for places that promote better tourism is a great way to show governments that consumers also support sustainable travel. Ecotourism destinations not only allow travelers to see some of the world’s most extreme and beautiful natural wonders, but also ensure that travelers do so responsibly.

Travelling is one of the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself and so keeping your home , your world beautiful is your responsibility. Start with one small step at a time while you are travelling and influence others to do the same. Your journey will be more memorable 😊.

What would you do to take one step closer to sustainable tourism? Leave a comment below😊

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