A week of madness in the city of Burj Khalifa!

Do you know how many tourists visit Dubai each year? 

About 14 million …. Yes, that’s true.

Dubai, the city, and capital of the Emirates are one of the wealthiest of the seven in the Emirates. It’s a city of skyscrapers, ports, beaches, and shopping. From the empty deserts to the big city, it has come a long way and these are the best places to visit in Dubai which will keep you wanting more. 

I am sure you won’t be able to stay here only for a day or two, so here is the perfect Dubai itinerary 7 days for your perfect experience.

Photo by Christoph Schulz on Unsplash
  • Day 1

Perfect Dubai holiday start from a beautiful view, isn’t it?

Start your day with Riverland, it’s the only theme park in Dubai that can be accessed for free and is very popular between families and youngsters to enjoy adventurous rides and fun times in the theme park. It is the recreation of different locations in the world in one place. A perfect getaway for everyone who is looking for a place to relax and recharge, Riverland Dubai has a wide range of offerings.

About a 45-minute ride away is the Dubai mall, where you can see something iconic and I bet you will love this. Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo are home to thousands of aquatic animals with around 140 species. It is a beautifully designed experience that will allow you to come in close contact with marine life and have memorable moments with your loved ones.

After this, have a stroll around the mall and enjoy the nightlife of Dubai, and don’t forget to watch the water show in front of the Burj khalifa that happens every evening. The Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest fountain system that is choreographed. It starts at 6 pm and every half hour, it plays a song in different languages and beautiful lighting. It’s a perfect ‘free’ activity to end your day with.

  • Day 2

Let’s start this day with something cool. Wanna go skiing? In the Mall? Yes, this can only happen in Dubai’s Mall of Emirates. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort. It has almost 22500 square meters of the ski area. It is a part of the Mall Of Emirates, the biggest mall in the world.

After the beautiful start, let’s see something more beautiful. Do you know that the Miracle Garden in Dubai has 50 million flowers and 250 million types of plants? Amazing right? It is a miracle to see all this in real life and you will be amazed at every step and question yourself, how is this even possible to maintain? It’s a floral wonderland and it will definitely make you fall in love.

The day is definitely incomplete without watching a stunning sunset, head over to la Mer beach, a metro ride away to enjoy the beautiful sunset and relax, and have a perfect end of the day.

Day 3-

After the perfect sunset yesterday, it’s time to see a perfect sunrise, right?

Get up early and catch an abra (a traditional wooden boat, they are used to ferry people across the Dubai creek). This is the perfect way to see the sunrise through the great Dubai skyline with the sound of water and cool breeze, what else do you need?

Now let’s go and see Dubai from all over the world so high… Can you guess which place I am talking about?

I hope you guessed it right, yes it’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The view from the top of Burj Khalifa is the best thing and is obviously a part of Dubai tour packages.

It can be a little heavy on the pocket too ( Book the tickets before to avoid the massive line and increased cost).

Your Dubai itinerary of 7 days is incomplete Without a Desert safari in Dubai. The Dubai packages for safari Start from 55 AED to 300 AED. You can fulfill all your needs for thrills according to the budget you have but do not miss this at any cost. Don’t miss the falcon show when you come for the desert safari.

Stay in the desert for a night to enjoy the culture of Dubai. It’s an amazing experience. The perfect way to end day 3, isn’t it?

Day 4-

If you want to experience something unique and different, you have to disturb your sleep. Get up early to experience a beautiful sunrise via a Hot Air Balloon in the desert. If this is not a good morning, I don’t know what is.

Enjoy a camel ride after some breakfast and get ready for more adventure that awaits in the day in this Dubai itinerary of 7 days for you. 

Dubai is not only filled with tall skyscrapers and expensive shopping. Visit The traditional historical region of Dubai known as Al Fahidi. It is where you will see how it all started and how the traditional architecture looked before the skyscraper came into existence. Walking around these smaller lanes is the best way to know the culture and people of Dubai.

Day 5-

If you want to be at the top and experience the view of the Dubai skyline without getting in Burj Khalifa then the Frame is a perfect alternative. Dubai holiday packages can always be your way and your choice.

With 50 Dirhams you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Dubai skyline. (Book in advance as it may get crowded and you can miss your favorite sunset time.)

Do you want to include something thrilling in the Dubai itinerary 7 days plan? 

Are you scared of heights? Fasten your seat belts and get ready. We are going SkyDiving. Don’t miss this beautiful experience in Dubai because the view from the top is not like any other place you will ever see and once you jump, you will never be scared of heights.

Now it’s time for some rest before we start moving again.

After a small nap, let’s go to the global village, it’s a cultural fair where you will find a perfect blend of every part of the world. it combines 90 countries across the world.

Day 6-

No Dubai holiday is complete without visiting Dubai Marina, It’s three kilometers of man-made Canal City, and you don’t want to miss stalling around this area. fancy people, luxury cars, beautiful cafes, and the long beach stretch.

A Dubai trip is also incomplete without shopping. head over to the Gold Souk, which is the traditional market with around 300 Gold stores, they also sell silver and other precious stones jewelry. Even if you are not a person who wants to shop for gold, walking around this souk (market) with dazzling gold stores is a must-visit.

Want some spice in your life? Head over to the Spice Souk, which is the best place the stall around, and shop for an exquisite collection of spices. The beautiful blends of smells will make your nostrils feel like heaven and it will be difficult to not buy anything. From saffron to dried flowers for tea, from wild Turmeric to cardamom, you will find everything or more here.

If you are willing to cook after that long walk then head over to the Waterfront Market. From fruits and vegetables to meat and poultry you will find everything here.

End your day with a perfect home-cooked meal and a beautiful view of Dubai.

Day 7-

Any beach lovers here?

There are a lot of public beaches which are free to go to and there are lots of private beaches with pools available too. Spend your last day relaxing and enjoying the view of this incredible place.

If you feel this itinerary is less and you want to explore more, Dubai still Has so much more to offer, there are so many more places to visit in Dubai. If you still have time and energy to spare then these activities will make your trip more adventurous.

And just when you thought there is nothing more to do in dubai, we have more exciting places for you. 

-The experiences you can enjoy are :


-dinner in the sky

-deep sea fishing

-Shark dive

-And the most known sky diving

I hope this itinerary helps you plan the perfect trip to Dubai.

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